What we do:

Corporate and Occupational Solutions, LLP (COSolutions) provides managerial and personal guidance and services that enable businesses, organizations and individuals to formulate and achieve their goals.

Why we do it:

Organizational, business and personal success depend on the ability of executives, managers, professionals and employees to manage their responsibilities and meet their objectives. The performance of each individual matters to the success of the team. The norms, values, and goals of the team affects the performance of each individual. If goals are clear and communication is optimal, a company can perform at a high level of performance with satisfaction among contributors.

Unresolved interpersonal and organizational problems can seriously undermine or destroy companies and careers. Problems can arise at any time and at any level of a company or organization, from the shop floor to the executive suite. These include:

  • Difficult or soured interpersonal relationships
  • Inconsistent or misunderstood organizational goals and processes
  • Under-developed managerial or Executive skills
  • Annoying, offensive or inappropriate behavior
  • Stressful home or work environments
  • Unrecognized or unresolved social and psychological issues

How we help:

COSolutions is a leader in helping executives and professionals, companies and organizations identify and resolve problems. Our skilled and experienced professionals can be the difference between success -- and success's unsatisfactory alternatives.

Who we help:

COSolutions works with a wide range of individuals, professionals, businesses and industries in: health care, high technology, biotechnology, communications, finance, government, law, entertainment, publishing, professional sports, security, retail/ wholesale, environmental and education.

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