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Bruce W. Shackleton, EdD
Managing Director

Bruce W. Shackleton, EdD, is an executive and career coach and business psychologist. For over twenty years, he has provided consultation on leadership, communications, stress management, career satisfaction and creative problem solving. He has worked extensively with family businesses, professional partnerships and executive teams to manage successful organizational change and leadership development. He also has extensive experience with environmental and forensic occupational problems. Dr. Shackleton is on the staff of the Harvard Medical School.


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Steven Nisenbaum, PhD, JD

Steve Nisenbaum, Ph.D., J.D., is a psychologist and mediator. He works with businesses, executives, and legal professionals to manage and resolve organizational conflict and workplace personnel problems. Dr. Nisenbaum both mediates specific disputes and develops workplace dispute resolution programs. He provides litigation support for attorneys through evaluation of mental disability, discrimination, and sexual harassment cases. He has both a managerial and consultant experience in personnel selection and training for risk management. Dr. Nisenbaum is also on the staff of the Harvard Medical School.


Additional Professional Staff

CO Solutions includes psychologists, coaches and consultants who have a broad range of experience working with employees, management, executives and professionals. When necessary, we collaborate with other professionals including attorneys, mediators, and other consulting specialists.

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