Conflict Resolution and Management

Even when intentions are good, today's workplace can give rise to conflicts that seem to defy resolution. When conflicts go unresolved, they drain a company's human resources and hinder its productivity. Too often, workplace conflicts can lead to costly litigation.

CO Solutions resolves workplace conflicts, grievances and disputes through preventive techniques and, when necessary, through intervention and mediation.

Our services include:

Preventive Dispute Resolution

  • A professional assessment of the work setting can identify potential and emerging problems, including communication patterns, personality variables, coping styles, group dynamics, environmental and business stress points, and other factors relevant to perceived or potential problem areas and issues.
  • Preventive and early-intervention programs can be tailored to the particular work setting
  • Ongoing consultation can actively monitor and manage potential and emerging problems before they lead to unproductive conflict.

Mediation and Conflict Resolution

  • CO Solutions designs comprehensive work place dispute resolution systems with defined mechanisms for problem-identification, processing grievances, individual and collective bargaining, and negotiated conflict resolution tailored to that setting's particular needs and impediments
  • Where conflicts have arisen, CO Solutions provides qualified neutral CO facilitators to conduct mediation and other alternative dispute resolution format services for non-adjudicatory negotiated voluntary settlements
  • CO Solutions also provides arbitrators, ombudsmen and other impartial complaint decision maker services by qualified neutral individuals, panels or tribunals

Litigation Support

There are some conflicts and disputes that can only be settled or are best settled - through litigation. In these cases, CO Solutions provides the best and most sophisticated litigation and pre-litigation support.

CO Solutions provides:

  • Case evaluation by psychological experts
  • Consultation with attorneys, their clients or potential witnesses in preparation for pre-litigation or litigation
  • Psychological assessment and provision of expert witness testimony by qualified psychologists in any venue, including courtroom litigation, administrative hearings, discovery, and other pre-trial or pre-adjudicatory procedures

  • Provision by psychological experts of neutral case evaluation and/or testimony services jointly to parties in bilateral or multilateral conflict who are engaged in mediation, collaborative law and other voluntary format alternative dispute resolution processes, or in preliminary preparations thereto.

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